Technical Approval

Serving quality in the construction sector

Technical Approvals, (ATG) cover unique, innovative and complex products and systems and aim at informing the Belgian construction sector that the construction product in which the product is being used, is fit for the intended use, is in accordance with the Belgian Works’ legislation and may be installed, incorporated, executed or assembled in accordance with the generally applicable Belgian state of the art and without undue risks. Products covered by technical approvals are always certified to ensure that the product specified in the technical approval text corresponds with the product that is placed on the Belgian market.

Supporting innovation

Big or small, innovations can have a significant impact on making the sector more competitive, but we do not want construction sites to be a real-time lab for testing new ideas. The construction sector needs support to use innovations with confidence. The UBAtc supports construction players by promoting the development of innovations, their access to the market and their acceptance by users.
Indeed, technical approval is mainly aimed at products which are not traditional, which are used in systems which are not traditional or which are installed, executed, incorporated or assembled using techniques or equipment that are not traditional.

Enhancing the reliability and credibility of innovative products:

Technical Approvals are a visible means of differentiating a product in the market and aims at giving confidence to specifiers, architects and designers and installers and assemblers.

Improving the general level of quality and performance in construction

Every client pursues the same objective: that his investment meets the expected performance and that it is sustainable. To do this, he wishes to work with competent and reliable partners (architects, designers and contractors) and use products and systems with the expected performance, so that the structure in which they are integrated offers adequate stability, safety in the event of fire, cleanliness and safety of use, sufficient acoustic and thermal comfort, that it is durable, has the least (negative) impact on the environment and that it presents a certain aesthetic quality.

The Technical Approval is issued on the basis of a thorough analytical examination by experts on the basis of a study of documents, an evaluation by tests or verification by calculations, site visits, an evaluation of references, audits or any other appropriate verification during which attention is paid to all elements that have a bearing on regulatory compliance and influence the fitness for use.

The different types of technical approvals

Over time, responding to the particular needs of the stakeholders in the sector, the UBAtc has developed different forms of technical approvals:


Technical product approval
Technical product approval is a specification which identifies the material, product or kit and presents its properties and performance, without determining the fitness for use for the intended use.
Generally, these are materials, products or kits that can be used in various applications or products that are not subject to special requirements for the use(s) for which they are intended.
Product approval is always accompanied by mandatory certification of the properties of the material, product or kit.


Technical approval for wood treatment plants
This is a favourable assessment issued to a company that operates a wood treatment plant for the conducting preservative treatments using products for which a technical approval ATG has been issued.
The Technical Approval is linked to certification of the process and the station.


Attestation of suitability for use for road marking
The products used in Belgium for the realization of road markings are the subject, for the basic products of the marking, of an ATG technical approval with certification or, for the sprinkling products, of a CE marking supplemented by a BENOR mark.
In addition to the requirements on these basic products, the markings, once applied by a contractor, must however also meet performance requirements during their warranty period.
Given that the behaviour of the markings throughout their service life on the road is highly dependent on the conditions of use and the possible combinations between the different constituents (base product and sprinkling product), it is necessary to be able to assess the durability of the performance of marking systems.
The attestation of suitability for use therefore constitutes a favourable assessment of the durability of the performance of a marking system.
The attestation of suitability for use and the classification are based on a road test programme carried out in accordance with the procedures set out in the Approval Guide G0025 "Marking systems - Field of road homologation" and NBN EN 1824 and NBN EN 1436 standards.


Energy characterization
The ATG-E aims to characterize products and systems within the framework of innovative construction concepts or innovative technologies, which can be used within the framework of regional regulations relating to the implementation of European Directive 2010/31/EU concerning the energy performance of buildings.
The ATG-E is limited to the characterization in terms of energy aspects, does not deal with any other technical characteristic and does not express itself on the specific or general fitness for use for the intended use.
As part of the quality surveillance of ATG-E, regular production control of the relevant energy properties of the components will be organized by the manufacturer, supplemented by external surveillance by a certification institute designated by the UBAtc.


Technical approval for the curative treatment of wood
This is a favourable assessment issued to a company that applies curative treatments in buildings, which offer a sustainable solution for wooden structures that undergo biological deterioration, either by larvae of xylophagous insects (D1 processes), or by moulds in wood (D2 processes).
The curative treatments, if necessary supplemented by sanitary measures and/or stability reinforcement, must constitute a preventive protection against a new biological deterioration of the treated wood.
A Technical Approval is only issued when the curative treatments are carried out with products for which an ATG has been issued.


Technical Approval coupled with BENOR certification
There are a few cases where it has been considered opportune to work with both the ATG-mark and the BENOR-licence for one family of products (e.g. fire doors and slates). This generally indicates that some aspects relate to standards, while others are not standardised.
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This simple search module allows you to find any information on the site, such as ATG, ETA or content in the pages of the site... All you have to do is enter a keyword, an ATG/ETA reference, a product name, a manufacturer or the domain of application...