21st Insulation Day

The 21st Insulation Day is not being organised as a conference, but as a set of IEnet webinars, organized on four Wednesdays, starting on 24 February 2021, at 15h30.

The UBAtc has supported the annual “Insulation Day” for many years and participated by providing speakers on several occasions. All the more so because these days are co-organized by experts who participate in the meetings of the UBAtc Specialized Groups, led by dr. Ir. Peter Wouters, who is also chairman of the BCCA Specialized Group Finishings of the UBAtc, in which the insulation products and systems are discussed. On this occasion, the organizers of the Insulation Days will also commemorate the former Insulation Council (CIR) chairman, Dr. Ir. Georges Timmermans, who organized the Insulation Days for decades and also participated in various UBAtc committees, including the Specialized Group Finishings.

the UBAtc with and for the sector

It is no surprise that the UBAtc is involved in the Isolation Days. After all, many thermal insulation products are specified in technical approvals, ATG, issued by the UBAtc. The Technical Approval is an instrument facilitating acceptance by the Belgian construction sector of the product or system covered by the approval, because the UBAtc involves the actors in the construction sector in its activities. Direct involvement of the sector, organized by the Belgian Construction Certification Association (BCCA) for thermal insulation products, is vital, because this permits the UBAtc to ensure that after its evaluation, an approval may be issued, confirming that the system in which the product is being used, is fit for the intended use, is in accordance with the Belgian legislation for works and may be installed in accordance with the generally applicable Belgian state of the art and without undue risks.

Mr. Piet Vitse, Director Standards-Approvals-Product-System Certification at Owens Corning, and joint organiser of the 21st Insulation Day, confirmed the continued relevance of the technical approval in Belgium: “The Belgian construction sector wants to benefit from the European Green deal and Renovation wave and aims for energy neutral buildings, which emphasizes the need for improved design and installation. Therefore, the sector needs robust and innovative insulation systems that are fit for purpose and have reliable and durable performances. Systems that satisfy regulations and the Belgian codes of practice and that contractors can install without risks. The UBAtc plays an essential role. It ensures fair trade between competitors and instils confidence amongst designers, specifiers and contractors. After all, if manufacturers innovate and place new systems on the market, we need users to trust them, purchase them and install them. If you have confidence in your company and your product, you permit independent experts to confirm that your product is a quality product. From its founding, the UBAtc has always been an approval body working for the benefit of society. The board of directors is composed out of representatives of the sector and its advisory commission permits the sector to influence the strategy and functioning of the organization. Truly an organization of the sector, for the benefit of the sector”.

Unable to meet you at the conference, the UBAtc management wishes Piet and the other organisers of the 21st Insulation Day a very good event and we invite the sector to participate in great numbers.

More information: https://www.ie-net.be/isolatiedag2021

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This simple search module allows you to find any information on the site, such as ATG, ETA or content in the pages of the site... All you have to do is enter a keyword, an ATG/ETA reference, a product name, a manufacturer or the domain of application...